Monday, June 4, 2012

Garage Time

God's after the development of one's characters. He wants his daughters and sons to be perfected; everyday shaped to be more like Him.

It's not an easy work, I think, to reshape one's image to His image. If I think about how broken I had been, how deformed my heart was, how nasty my characters were, He must have plenty of work to do. 

I guess, figuratively speaking, He must have seen me as an old, dusty car with broken engine, flat tires, and shattered windows. Maybe, the oil tank is even leaking and the brake does not work. He needs to fix it so badly.

Well, as God is God, I think, He can magically abracadabra this broken car into a new Lambo, but it seems that He does not want to miss the fun. He wants to get His hands dirty and take his time to slowly and painfully work on this hopeless car. I think, He'd like to boast around about it in the end. He wants to say to the world that He has completely transformed the old car to a great, working car in shape. 

We are the chosen people that God loves so much (John 3:16). Being 'worked on', is painful, there are some parts in our lives that needs to be replaced or even molded. Think of, kidney transplant, a patient should be prep for days to get him ready for the surgery. But I believe, it is for the best. He wants to see us roar our engine and hit the road, and go to places He would like us to go. 

Have faith, Friends! What we are undergoing is a temporary 'garage' time. Very soon, we'll be up and running again! Be steadfast til that day comes! 

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