Friday, June 1, 2012

Work Smard

It's been over three months since I start working on my thesis. I have planned how I am going to do and finish writing it on time but more than occasionally the plan fails.
I can say so many reasons and justifications why the plans have failed but it won't do me any good. There are times when I decide not to plan anymore. I know that the plan won't help much. The only thing it does is to scare me and letting me know that the deadline is approaching. I end up frustrated and unable to do any work.
So, I go to the other extreme. I let it flow. I work whenever I like to work, wherever I am comfortable working at, and with sleeping pj's that I don't care to change. It does me okay but the work progress is still slow. I become easy on myself and let time pass by so easily. The time which I could have used it to work.
I am still looking for the best solution on how to work better. I guess, it is not just about working very hard, but  also about being able to work smart -- and have real fun longer! =D
 In the mean time, I'd like to remind myself to pray, stretch out, have a bit of fun and treats, and back to work diligently. Cheers, Bros and Sisters!

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