Sunday, November 18, 2012

Warrior Princess

Who says a girl can't be a warrior?

Captivating: unveiling the mystery of a woman's soul by John Eldredge and Stasi Eldredge brings up that a woman wants to be a part of a great adventure. At heart, she is both a princess and a warrior.

This post is my reflection of the Warrior (Film). We watched it last night; after a few weeks of busy days and busy weekends that made it quite impossible to spare some three-hour slot for movie night.

So here is what I learn from the movie:
1. Father and son relationship
2. Forgiveness
3. Why are you here?

As for the first and second point, they are very straightforward. No men can be a perfect father but one can be a Godly father. I personally think that this world does not need more perfectionist fathers but loving and humble fathers. Regarding forgiveness, I believe, it is the one and only key towards restoration of relationships. Forgiveness is a young green leaf in the middle of a desert. It is beautiful to behold.

The last point, "Why are you here?" is what speaks the most to me. It excites me so much that I wanted to sit before the desktop right away and write this section down.

In my head, it sounded more like this. Why am I here? Why am I alive right now? Why am I doing what I am doing right now? What is my initial purpose? Why, in the first place, I have come so far?

And the voices inside continued with one and two statements reminding me of the real purpose of why I am here.

I realize that it is very easy to forget the real reason of doing things. I can easily begin doing something out of routines and take no account on the fundamental reason that kept me going in the first place. It is true that purpose changes, shrinks or expands, and multiplies over time and situations. However, I should not forget my main mission.

Friends, do you have those short-term goals that you need to complete but you have been ignoring them for the last few days or maybe weeks or months? Obliviousness does not move you forward -it doesn't move me forward. You maybe are not a person of change or learning, you hate moving forward, but at times, there might not be any other options. We go back, the past would crush us. We stay still, the present rejects us. What's left to do is to strive for the better, for what's ahead.

Here is an excerpt of a song that confirmed what I learn this weekend. Moving forward by Israel Houghton. I pray that we all see our divine purpose and keep holding fast to it until we finally say that we made it. Have a great Sunday, family!
I'm not going back, I'm moving ahead
Here to declare to You my past is over in You
All things are made new, surrendered my life to Christ
I'm moving, moving forward.

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