Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dare You to Move: Destroyed

It's been raining like crazy these past few weeks in Holland. It isn't like its usual rain; the fast-food rain (5 minutes and it's over). It is more like Tropical Rain. Hours and hours of unstoppable rain.

The rain gets me thinking about the farmers and their plants. Back home in Tulungagung, I used to read morning papers, and the headline would be, "Crops Destroyed by Flood After 3 Days of Rain" (my version).

I can't imagine how it feels to be those farmers when they knew that the rain killed all the hard work, sweats, money, and time for the crops in a few days. They must be very disappointed. Or angry.

Anyway, back to Rome 8:28. For the ones who love God, everything has a purpose, even the disasters. We might not know the purpose at that time, but it is for goodness sake. So, please move forward! Keep running and focusing our eyes on the prize (Jesus).

~Dare You to Move~

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