Monday, May 7, 2012

Smooth Stones

Whether it's our worries, our fear of failures, or our guilt, most of us have our 'Goliath'. A giant enemy who keeps us trembling and demobilized. A big-mouth enemy who accuses us of our sin and inabilities. A heavy contender who restricts us from winning the battle.

Ps. Kong Hee in his sermon David and Goliath (you can find it free on iTunes) shares about how we can defeat our Goliath just like David (the small, young, and handsome King David) defeated his Goliath.

He points out that there are 5 smooth stones that we should have before we go into battle and fight our Goliath. Do you remember that David also went along the river bed to collect stones before he encounter Goliath? Those are the stones that Kong Hee meant, they are:
  1. Smooth stone of the past
  2. Smooth stone of prayers
  3. Smooth stone of priority
  4. Smooth stone of passion
  5. Smooth stone of persistence
Along with the name of the Almighty, when we have these stones with us, we would surely take our Goliath down and behead him.

Let's fight, Soldiers!

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