Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Seeking God's Heart

I believe that it is not hidden somewhere in heaven. It may only be found by those who seek Him earnestly.

When a girl meets a guy, she doesn't normally give all her heart to him. She longs to be sought after. She wants to be treasured. She is desperate to be romanced.

Man and woman are reflections of God. It can also mean that God has this feminine side. He likes to pursue us the way lovers do. And on the other hand, He might also has the feminine side of being romanced. Sometimes, He can be the jealous type. At other times, He wants our full attention. In any ways, God is a personal God -- He relates to us personally, like a man to another man.

To really understand one's heart, lots of time and effort should be put. As one gets to know one better, the unveiling mysteries become countless. And most of the times it is very interesting and breath-taking to really understand the works done into a person life. Moreover, to dig deep and see the wonders of God's heart must be a heaven of an experience.

Bottom line: knowing God should be the most thrilling experience we have; for we are let known the feelings, the concerns, the desire of God, the Almighty Creator of all heavens and earth. How cool!

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