Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walk on water

Psalm 34:4
I sought the Lord, and he answered me;
he delivered me from all my fears.

Fears can be very haunting and leave us no rooms to hide. 

This morning, I felt a sudden fear in my heart. I didn't know why and where it came from. I could only guess that it's the opposing force who tried to bring me down and ruin my day. Praise God, he sent Holy Spirit to help me drive away the spirit(s) of fear. 

Yes, I figured, it is very human to be afraid and to worry. But fear is not from God. Fear never does us any good too. The only thing it can do to us is to hold us back and stop us from entering the promises of life. 

I just heard a sermon a few weeks ago, about Peter walking on water. Yes, the story has been told so many times and even the Sunday school kids know it, but the message that Sunday was new.

We all know that when Peter walked on that sea, it was during a heavy storm. Above all else, as a fisherman, Peter should know that he could easily be drown if he stepped out of the boat he was on. Moreover, Peter and the other disciples, they were freaking out, afraid that the storm would eat them alive. But, when Jesus showed himself, as repulsive as he could be, Peter said, "Master, if it's you, ask me to come to you." And Jesus did asked him to walk on the water. And he did walk on that water for a little while.

All I can see in this story that morning were three take home points:
1. When Jesus calls, he often calls to do something not ordinary, even at times impossible-for-human-to-do.
2. When one responded to Jesus' calling, he will be able to live a life of wonder (walking on water, building a thousand temples in a night, turn the moon blue, and many more fantasy scenes)
3. The water that one should be walking on or the platform where God would show his power is usually one greatest fear. 

My greatest fear today is the fear of another failure. But I believe, as I try to keep trying and don't give up, I will eventually walk on water.  

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